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بروفيسور Richard Hayward

Professor of Neurosurgery
Dr Richard Hayward

نظرة عامة

Professor Hayward continues to provide locum services to GOSH when requested to do so but is otherwise not involved in clinical practice – NHS or private.

He has a medico-legal practice providing specialist medico-legal opinions when litigation involves paediatric neurosurgical issues and when examination of Defendant or Plaintiff is required for matters of Condition and Prognosis.


  • Paediatric neurosurgery
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Paediatric neurosurgery
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • MBBS FRCS (Eng)


  • Society of British Neurological  Surgeons
  • European Neurosurgical Society 
  • International Society of Paediatric Neurosurgery (Past member - Education Committee)
  • European Craniofacial Society
  • International Society of Craniofacial Surgeons
  • American  Society  of  Paediatric  Neurosurgeons (by invitation)
  • Paediatric neurosurgery
  • Craniofacial surgery

الأخبار والمنشورات

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Borghi A,Rodriguez-Florez N, Rodgers W, James G, Hayward RD, Dunaway D, Jeelani O & Schievano S. Assessment of spring cranioplasty biomechanics in sagittal craniosynostosis patients. Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. Published on-line August 2017

Way B, Khonsari R, Karunkarani T, Nysjos J, Dunaway D, Evans R, Hayward R & Britto J. Correcting Exorbitism by Monobloc Frontofacial Advancement in Crouzon-Pfeiffer Syndrome: An Age-Specific, Time-Related, Controlled Study. Plast & Reconstr Surg (Accepted for publication March 2017

Glass G, Ruff C, Crombag G, Verdoon M, Koudstaal M, Anguila F, Hayward R, Britto J, Jeelani O & Dunaway D. The role of bipartition distraction in the treatment of Apert Syndrome Plast & Reconstr Surg: Accepted for publication in March 2018

Borghi A, Rodriguez Florez N., Rodgers W., James G., Hayward RD., Dunaway D., Jeelani O. & Schievano S. Spring assisted cranioplasty: a patient specific computational modelMedical Engineering & Physics. Accepted for publication January 2018

Kirkman M., Hayward RD., Phipps K. & Aquilina K. "Surgical decision-making in the management of childhood tumors of the CNS disseminated at presentation - a review of a 14-year experience. Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. Accepted for publication January 2018



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