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Meet Hamad, aka DarkGadget

Defender of the universe

Dark Gadget
Dark Gadget

Hamad isn’t your typical nine-year-old. Although he may look it on the outside, don’t be fooled by appearances. He has an incredible strength and power within which stems from coping with his condition, including having to celebrate his ninth birthday while still undergoing treatment.  

During Hamad’s treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH), Hamad harnessed this inner strength to cope with this experience. Hamad wondered how he could utilise this inner strength further to help others. Thanks to Superhope, Hamad was able to transform into ‘DarkGadget’; defender of the universe. Through his magnetic powers in his hand and feet, as well as his indestructible shield technology, nothing can get in DarkGadget’s way. 

A force for good, DarkGadget aims to protect and defend all children. At night, he uses his magnetic hands and feet to soar to the top of skyscrapers to carefully watch over the streets across the GCC. His unparalleled strength, matched with his big heart, means no one needs to fear when DarkGadget is in town.  

Emma Hedges, Haematology and Oncology Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner, was involved in Hamad’s care and nominated him for Superhope. “Hamad had to remain an inpatient during the duration of his treatment, and the Superhope experience gave him something to focus on other than the four walls of his cubicle.”  

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Superhope aims to have a positive impact on the journey of GOSH families from the Middle East by transforming children into superheroes and showing them first-hand the real power of imagination. At GOSH, we strive to create a fun and caring environment where children can bring to life their inner superhero.

Dark Gadget
Dark Gadget
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