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Meet Latifa, aka ButterFly

Born to fly

Latifa, aka ButterFly

Latifa is a bright and bubbly 12-year-old from Kuwait who has always yearned to fly. Latifa came to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London with her grandmother in 2010. Ever since, Latifa has spent the past eight years at the hospital receiving treatment for her condition. Latifa and her grandmother hope to return home in December at the end of many years of successful treatment.

With a love for butterflies, she hoped one day she could follow them and fly high. At first, during her time at GOSH, Latifa was shy but over the years, her confidence grew and Latifa metamorphosed into a tenacious, strong and optimistic young girl. This is where Latifa’s alter-ego ‘ButterFly’ came to life. As well as being able to soar through the skies, ButterFly is able to command a flutter of butterflies with just one single clap. With the help of her butterfly friends, ButterFly is able to spread happiness and encouragement to other children with similar conditions

“Superhope has had a positive effect on Latifa and her family,” explains Latifa’s grandmother. “Latifa needs something to encourage herself and I can feel this event make her so happy. In the photo, she is like a butterfly queen, very beautiful! Thank you so much for organising this event.”

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Superhope aims to have a positive impact on the journey of GOSH families from the Middle East by transforming children into superheroes and showing them first-hand the real power of imagination. At #GOSH, we strive to create a fun and caring environment where children can bring to life their inner superhero.

ButterFly posing for her close up
ButterFly posing for her close up
ButterFly having her make up done
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