Dr Allan Goldman

Divisional Director for Critical Care Services


Dr Allan Goldman trained as a doctor in South Africa before coming to London in 1990. He completed his paediatric intensive care specialisation in both London and Australia. He took up the post of consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in 1998. 

In 2003 he was appointed as Lead Consultant for the Cardiac Critical Care Unit and Director of the ECMO service at GOSH. He is currently Divisional Co-Chair and Divisional Director of the West Division. 


• Divisional Director for Critical Care Services 
• Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit 
• Mechanical Support ECMO and VADs 
• Patient Safety 
• Human Factors 


• MRCP (Paediatrics) 
• MB BcH South Africa 
• MSc Sports Science, South Africa 
• Certificate of completion of training in Paediatrics, London, UK 

• Member of the Medical Protection Society 

Human factors/Patient safety 
Allan Goldman is working on a medication bundle to reduce prescription error on the CICU, briefing and debriefing on the ICU and hospital at night handover on how the hospital is run out of hours. 

Mechanical Support for infants and children 
The focus of this theme of research is on using mechanical support devices, such as ECMO and the Berlin Heart, to bridge children with acute myocardial failure to either recovery or transplantation. 
Outcomes studies: 
(a) to develop a Paediatric Post Operative Morbidity Survey (PPOMS) in infants and children after congenital heart surgery 
(b) a neurological follow-up (in particular memory) of children who had acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure as a neonate 
(c) Evaluation of the impact of Pre-ECMO ventilation on outcome in children requiring ECMO for respiratory failure. 
His research interests focus on the Human Factors aspect of team interfaces, mechanical support as a bridge to heart/lung recovery or transplantation and the genetic basis of inflammation associated with cardiac bypass. 
He was the principle investigator in the study looking at the analogy of a Formula 1pit stop to handover of critically ill children from the operating theatre to the ICU after congenital heart surgery. 

News & Publications

McQuillan, A., Carthey, J., Catchpole, K., McCulloch, P., Ridout, DA., Goldman, A.P., 2014. Republished: creating a safe, reliable hospital at night handover: a case study in implementation science. Postgrad Med J. 90(1067) pp. 493-501. 

McQuillan, A., Carthey, J., Catchpole, K., McCulloch, P., Ridout, D.A., Goldman, A.P., 2014. Creating a safe, reliable hospital at night handover: a case study in implementation science. BMJ Qual Saf. 23(6) pp. 465-73.

Goldman, A., 2013. The promise of young hearts in London: aided by F1 Racing. Interview by Barry Shurlock. Eur Heart J. 34(`0) pp. 708-10.

Lammers, A.E., Burch, M., Brown, K.L., Hoschtitzky, J.A., Lunnon-Wood, T., Wray, J., van Doorn, C., Goldman, A.P., Hoskote, A., 2013. ECLS for children with late (post-discharge) rejection after heart transplantation. Pediatr Transplant. 17(4) pp. 336-42.

Domico, M.B., Ridout, D.A., Bronicki, R., Anas, N.G., Cleary, J.P., Cappon, J., Goldman, A.P., Brown, K.L., 2012. The impact of mechanical ventilation time before initiation of extracorporeal life support on survival in pediatric respiratory failure: a review of the Extracorporeal Life Support Registry. Pediatr Crit Care Med. 13(1) pp. 16-21. 

Pathan, N., Ridout, D.A., Smith, E., Goldman, A.P., Brown, K.L., 2008. Predictors of outcome for children requiring respiratory extra-corporeal life support: implications for inclusion and exclusion criteria. Intensive Care Med. 34(12) pp. 2256-63. 

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