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Dr Nasim Tahir

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist


  • Interventional radiology procedures 
  • MBChB 
  • BSc 
  • MRSC 
  • FRCR 
  • Paediatric interventional radiology

News & Publications

Co-Author of Gastrointestinal System chapter. In K. Mankad & E. Hoey, eds. 2010. Revision notes for the Final FRCR Part A. JP Medical Ltd. 

Tahir,N., Tolan, D.J., Scarsbrook, A., 2009. Preparting for consultant interviews in clinical radiology. Clinical Radiology. 64(5) pp. 463-7. 

Tahir, N., Ramsden, W.H., Stringer, M., 2009. Tracheobronchial anatomy and the distribution of inhaled foreign bodies in children. European Journal of Pediatrics. 168(3) pp. 289-95. 

Karthik, S., Tahir, N., Thakur, B., Nair, U., 2006. Risk factor awareness and secondary prevention of coronary artery disease: are we doing enough? Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery. 5 pp. 268-71. 

Jones, R.P.O., Prasad, V., Kuruvatti, J., Tahir, N., Whitaker, P., Dawson, A,S,J., 2003. Remuneration for blood donation and attitudes towards blood donation and receipt in Leeds. Transfusion Medicine. 13 pp. 131-140. 

Chalmers, C.R., Tahir, N., Berridge, D.C., Weston, M.J., Scott, D,J,A., Intra-operative Doppler resistance as a predicator of femoro-popliteal graft surveillance requirements and subsequent patency. ASTRACT.  

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