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Dr Simon Hannam

Neonatal Consultant
Dr Simon Hannam
Dr Simon Hannam


  • Neonatology 
  • Neonatal medicine 
  • Mechanical ventilation  
  • Neonatal surgery 
  • Neonatal intensive care 

Positions held:

  • Chair of the Thames Regional Perinatal Group
  • London representative for the Neonatal Critical Care Clinical Reference Group

News & Publications

Antenatal smoking and substance-misuse, infant and newborn response to hypoxia. Ali K, Rossor T, Bhat R, Wolff K, Hannam S, Rafferty G, Greenough A. Pediatr Pulmonol (2017). 52:650-655.

Ventilatory responses to hypercarbia in infants of mothers who smoke and misuse substances. Alik K, Rossor T, Bhat R, Wolff K, Hannam S, Rafferty G, Greenough A. J Pediatr (2016). 175:224-7.

Prediction of infant extubation outcomes using the tension-time index. Bhat P, Peacock JL, Rafferty GF, Hannam S, Greenough A. Arch Dis Child (2016).  101:F444-7.

In vitro assessment of the effect of proportional assist ventilation on the work of breathing. Chowdhury O, Bhat P, Rafferty GF, Hannam S, Milner AD, Greenough A. Eur J Pediatr (2016). 175:639-43.

Antenatal substance misuse and smoking and newborn hypoxic challenge response. Ali K, Rossor T, Bhat R, Wolff K, Hannam S, Rafferty GF, Peacock JL, Greenough A. Arch Dis Child (2016). 101:F143-8.

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