Mr Colin Forman

Consultant Vascular and Transplant Surgeon


Mr Colin Forman qualified from University College London Medical School in 2000 having completed preclinical training at University of Cambridge. 

Mr Forman’s post-graduate training took in a spell as a junior doctor in Birmingham, followed by two years in the liver and kidney transplant unit in Brisbane, Australia and then higher surgical training across three teaching hospitals in London. 

Mr Forman is acknowledged as an expert in dialysis access surgery, such as fistulae, grafts or peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheters, and is often invited overseas to lecture on the subject.   

His main specialty is kidney transplantation, where he can draw on previous experience repairing blood vessels to successfully transplant and re-transplant patients, even in the most challenging conditions. 


  • Paediatric vascular surgery  
  • Aneurysms, middle aortic syndrome, renal artery disease, fistulas for dialysis and clotting factor replacement 
  • Complex kidney transplantation
  • BA(Hons)
  • MA 
  • MB BS 
  • FRCS(Eng)
  • Ischaemia reperfusion injury
  • Renovascular disease 
  • Dialysis fistulas

News & Publications

Johnson, D.W., Forman, C., Vesey, D.A., 2006.  Novel renoprotective actions of erythropoietin: new uses for an old hormone. Nephrology (Carlton). 11(4) pp. 306-12. 

Forman, C.J., Johnson, D.W., Nicol, D.L., 2007.  Erythropoietin administration protects against functional impairment and cell death after ischaemic renal injury in pigs. BJU Int. 99(1) pp. 162-5.  

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