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Principle Speech and Language Therapist 
Dr Debbie Sell 
Dr Debbie Sell 


Dr Debbie Sell is a Principal Speech and Language Therapist and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Outcomes and Experience Research in Children’s Health, Illness and Disability at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  

Her areas of special interest include speech disorders associated with cleft lip and palate and their management, nasal sounding speech in general, perceptual and instrumental assessment, speech prosthetics and 22q11 deletion syndrome/velofacialcardiac syndrome. She is trained in medico-legal work.  

“I have been very lucky to have had a very diverse career. Nowadays I am focusing on research and clinical practice, together with teaching, mentoring and supervising colleagues. It is a privilege to continue to help our patients as we strive to improve the evidence base so that our patients get the best treatments.” Dr Debbie Sell. 


  • Speech disorders in general  
  • Communication disorders associated with cleft lip and palate particularly speech disorders and nasal sounding speech  
  • Evaluation of nasal sounding speech using instrumentation  
  • Speech disorders associated with cleft lip and palate and their management be it surgery/speech prosthetics/therapy, submucous cleft palate, and  deletion syndrome  
  • Medico-legal work 


  • Qualified as a speech and language therapist  
  • Trained in nasendoscopic evaluation of nasal speech disorders associated with cleft palate/velopharyngeal insufficiency  
  • Distinguished Visiting Fellow, University of Melbourne, Australia 2003  
  • PhD  
  • LCST  
  • MRCSLT  
  • FRCSLT  
  • OBE  


  • Health Professionals Council  
  • Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice 

Development of speech measurement tools for cleft lip and palate/nasal speech, speech outcomes and cleft palate generally specifically speech outcomes associated with:  

  • Primary cleft palate surgery  
  • Different surgeries for nasal sounding speech  
  • Speech outcomes in the late operated cleft palate  
  • Speech outcomes associated with submucous cleft palate  
  • Speech outcomes associated with maxillary advancement  
  • Speech in deletion syndrome, the delivery of speech and language therapy in the developing world 


Debbie Sell has written over 53 peer review publications, 14 book chapters and is co-editor of two text books. 

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