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Matthew Pitt 医生

Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist


Dr Matthew Pitt has been a Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 1990.  He is responsible for all aspects of neurophysiological testing and has a particular specialist interest in paediatric electromyography (EMG).  


• One of the leading exponents of paediatric EMG, a specialist branch of electromyography, both nationally and internationally 
• All aspects of neurophysiological testing 

• Paediatric electromyography (EMG) 

• Qualified from Cambridge University with clinical studies at Westminster medical school  
• House jobs included Professorial Medical Unit at Westminster 
• Variety of jobs at senior house office and registrar level, including general medicine, accident and emergency and cardiology at the National Heart Hospital 
• Four years at Aberdeen University – General Medical registrar, specialist Neurology (including three years research into the treatment of multiple sclerosis) 
• MD thesis on ‘Non-compressive myelopathy’, an unusual complication of MS 
• Year in neurology at Atkinson Morley’s Hospital  
• Neurophysiology training at Atkinson Morley’s Hospital, the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases and GOSH 

• All aspects of paediatric electromyography  
• Particularly the investigation of myasthenic syndromes 
• Use of EMG in swallowing disorders  
• Prediction of prognosis in obstetric brachial plexus palsy 


Matthew Pitt has written several publications including: 
Byrne, S., Dlamini, N., Lumsden, D., Pitt, M., Zaharieva, I., Muntoni, F., King, A., Robert, L., Jungbluth, H., 2015. SIL1-related Marinesco-Sjoegren syndrome (MSS) with associated motor neuronopathy and bradykinetic movement disorder. Neuromuscul Disord. Pii: S0960-8966 (15). 
Scoto, M., Rossor, A.M., Harms, M.B., Cirak, S., Calissano, M., Robb, S., Manzur, A.Y., Martínez Arroyo, A., Rodriguez Sanz, A., Mansour, S., Fallon, P., Hadjikoumi, I., Klein, A., Yang, M., De Visser, M., Overweg-Plandsoen, W.C., Baas, F., Taylor, J.P., Benatar, M., Connolly, A.M., Al-Lozi, M.T., Nixon, J., de Goede, C.G., Foley, A.R., Mcwilliam, C., Pitt, M., Sewry, C., Phadke, R., Hafezparast, M., Chong, W.K., Mercuri, E., Baloh, R.H., Reilly, M.M., Muntoni, F., 2015. Novel mutations expand the clinical spectrum of DYNC1H1-associated spinal muscular atrophy. Neurology. 84(7) pp. 668-79. 
Jabre, J., Pitt, M., Deeb, J., Chui, K., 2015. E-Norms: A method to extrapolate reference values froma laboratory population. J Clin Neurophysiol. 
Pitt, M., 2010. Paediatric electromyography in the modern world: a personal view. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology. 53(2) pp120-124. 

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