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Jim Carmichael 医生

Paediatric Radiologist


Jim Carmichael graduated from Manchester medical school in 2000.

His first consultant post was in 2011 at Evelina Children’s Hospital, before moving to GOSH in 2021.

Dr. Carmichael has extensive experience in acute and specialist pediatric imaging, including complex airway disease, congenital cardiac CT, fetal CT/MR, liver elastography and pediatric MRI of complex nephro-urological problems.

He has a proven track record in delivering innovative imaging techniques:

  • Established first UK site for functional MR Urography (fMRU), a specialised technique providing estimated renal function and anatomical imaging in a single scan, avoiding radiation exposure from traditional techniques.
  • Established fetal body MR & fetal CT services, subsequently joining with the KCL Perinatal imaging group.
  • Established 3D printing services for nephrourology and renal transplant teams.
  • Established US liver elastography service.


  • Functional Magnetic Resonance Urography
  • Ultrasound and MRI imaging of the renal tract, including complex congenital disorders
  • Fetal MRI
  • Renal and Urological Imaging
  • Fetal MRI
  • 3D printing


  • Quantitative MRI of the kidneys
  • Motion correction in fetal body MRI


Imaging chronic renal disease and renal transplant in children. Carmichael J., Easty M.
 Pediatr Radiol 40, 963–974 (2010).

Patient-specific 3D Printing: A Novel Technique for Complex Pediatric Renal Transplantation. Chandak P, Byrne N, Coleman A, Karunanithy N, Carmichael J, Marks SD, Stojanovic J, Kessaris N, Mamode N Ann Surg. 2019;269(2):e18‐e23. doi:10.1097/SLA.0000000000003016


EPSRC Grant application 2020:
 ‘Motion-corrected multiparametric whole fetus MRI for comprehensive in-utero diagnosis of congenital abnormalities’  Principal Investigator Deprez M, Co-investigators: Prof Rutherford M, Malik S, Carmichael J.

This project aims to utilise deep learning techniques to develop fetal body imaging based on motion corrected multiparametric MRI.

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