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Naima Smeulders 小姐

Consultant Urologist


Miss Naima Smeulders joined the Urology team at Great Ormond Street Hospital in August 2009. Since that time she has developed the Paediatric Urolithiasis (kidney stones) service into a cohesive multi-disciplinary team. 

Her other major interests are in paediatric uro-oncology, reconstructive urology and minimally invasive surgery. She is an active member of the multi-disciplinary teams in Urolithiasis, Oncology and DSD (Disorders of Sex Development) locally, and at national level, the soft tissue Sarcoma Advisory Group. As Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University College London (UCL) Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, she seeks to enable translational research in Paediatric Urology. 


• Paediatric Urolithiasis (kidney stones) 
• Paediatric Uro-oncology (including rhabdomyosarcoma and bilateral Wilms tumour) 
• Paediatric reconstructive urology (e.g. for DSD, neuropathic bladder and bladder exstrophy) 
• Paediatric minimally invasive surgery, in particular, endourology 
• Research 

• BA Natural Sciences (Physiology), University of Cambridge 
• MA, University of Cambridge 
• MB BChir, University of Cambridge 
• FRCS Eng, The Royal College of Surgeons of England 
• MD, University of Cambridge 
• FRCS (Paeds), The Royal College of Surgeons of England 
• Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 
• European Society for Paediatric Urology 
• British Association of Paediatric Urologists 
• Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group 
• National Sarcoma Advisory Group 
• British Medical Association 
• Medical Defence Union 
• Caius Medical Association 


Naima Smeulders have written numerous publications including: 
Evans, K., Asimakadou, M., Nwankwo, O., Desai, D., Cherian, A., Mushtaq, I., Cuckow, P., Duffy, P., Smeulders, N., 2015. What is the risk of urinary tract infection in children with antenatally presenting dilating vesico-ureteric reflux? J Pediatr Urol. 11(2) pp. e1-6. 
Alagaratnam, S., Nathaniel, C., Cuckow, P., Duffy, P., Mushtaq, I., Cherian, A., Desai, D., Kiely, E., Pierro, A., Drake, D., De Coppi, P., Cross, K., Curry, J., Smeulders, N., 2014. Testicular outcome following laparoscopic second stage Fowler-Stephens orchidopexy. J Pediatr Urol 10(1) pp. 186-92. 
Smeulders, N., Yankovic, F., Chippington, S., Cherian, A., 2013. Primary obstructive megaureter: cutting balloon endo-ureterotomy. J Pediatr Urol. 9(5) p. 692. 
Scuderi, M.G., Yankovic, F., Featherstone, N., Smeulders, N., 2013. Voluminous "cobra-head" stone in a duplex system ureterocele: combined cysto-ureteroscopic and percutaneous cystolithotomy approach. J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A. 23(5) pp. 484-5. 
Yankovic, F., Scuderi, M.G., Smeulders, N., 2013. Surgical technique: utriculus masculinum excision by a laparoscopic-cystoscopic approach. J Pediatr urol. 9(3) p. 388. 
Yankovic, F., Swartz, R., Cuckow, P., Hiorns, M., Marks, S.D., Cherian, A., Mushtaq, I., Duffy, P., Smeulders, N., 2013. Incidence of Deflux® calcification masquerading as distal ureteric calculi on ultrasound. J Pediatr Urol 9 (6 pt.A) pp. 820-4. 

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