Sophie's story

Sophie Summerville was a student nurse at GOSH before becoming at Staff Nurse on Hedgehog Ward. Here she discusses why she decided to join the IPP team:

"I started working here in 2015 after I did a placement with IPP as a student. I really enjoyed my time here as a student so I applied as one of my first jobs after I left university.

I love the diversity of patients we see on IPP. We see a lot of families from the Middle East who speak Arabic, but I also see a lot of English families. We also get patients from Cyprus and Turkey, and the diversity of cultures I get to experience within the ward is amazing.

I feel really privileged knowing that our overseas patients come here to get specialist treatment which they can’t from get from their home country. I am really happy to be able to provide them with this care.

We see a lot of long term patients who stay for months, and I love that my job allows me to build a relationship with them, like a friend of the family."