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طبيب Paul Humphries

Consultant Radiologist

نظرة عامة

Dr Paul Humphries was appointed as a Consultant in 2006 at University College London Hospital (UCLH) and since 2011 has divided his time between UCLH and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), covering all areas of body paediatric imaging, particularly magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and ultrasound. 


  • All aspects of general paediatric radiology 
  • whole body MR imaging and functional body MR imaging for oncological and inflammatory disorders 

  • Rheumatalogical imaging with MRI and ultrasound  

  • The imaging of congenital urogenitary abnormalities 

  • Undergraduate medical training at the Royal Free Hospital, University of London 

  • BSc (Hons) Clinical Immunology 

  • MB BS (University of London) 

  • Held posts at the Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital Medical Rotation  

  • Radiological training at University College London Hospital and the Middlesex Hospital 2001-2005 before sub-specializing in Paediatric Radiology 

  • Completed a fellowship at GOSH in 2005-2006 

  • MRCP 

  • FRCR 


Research interests are primarily whole body MRI applications, with an emphasis on functional MRI techniques and their utility in paediatric oncology and inflammatory disorders. 

Other research collaborations include the study of MRI for lung nodule detection and characterization, imaging of enthesitis related arthropathy (ERA) and hip dysplasia. 



الأخبار والمنشورات

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Humphries, P.D., Simpson, J.C., Creighton, S.M., Hall-Craggs, M.A. 2088. MRI in the assessment of congenital vaginal anomalies . Clin Radiol. 

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