Mr Nicos Kessaris

Consultant Transplant Surgeon


  • Live donor nephrectomy 
  • Paediatric kidney transplantation 
  • Paediatric vascular access  
  • Peritoneal dialysis 


  • BSc in Biomedical Sciences 
  • MBBS 
  • MSc in Surgical Practice 
  • FRCS(Gen) 
  • HESPERIS Course Diploma 


  • Fellow of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland 
  • Member of the British Medical Association 
  • Member of the British Hernia Society 
  • Member of the Vascular Access Society 
  • Member of the British Transplantation Society 
  • Member of the European Society for Organ Transplantation 
  • Member of The Transplantation Society 
  • Member of the American Society of Transplantation 
  • Member of the Pediatric Transplant Association 

News & Publications

Published papers: 

Chandak, P., Kessaris, N., Uwechue, R.U., Abboudi, H., Hossain, M., Harris, F., Jones, K., Fronek, J., 2014. Successful excision of a suspected mycotic transplant renal artery patch aneurysm with renal allograft autotransplantation. Transplantation. 97(3) pp. e25-6. 

Benaragama, S.K., Tymkewycz, T., John, B.J., Davenport, A., Lindsey, B., Nicol, D., Olsburgh, J., Drage, M., Mamode, N., Calder, F., Taylor, J., Koffman, G., Kessaris, N., Morsy, M., Cacciola, R., Puliatti, C., Fernadez-Diaz, S., Syed, A., Hakim, N., Papalois, V., Fernando, B.S., 2014. Do we need a different organ allocation system for kidney transplants using donors after circulatory death? BMC Nephrol.15:83. 

Hossain, M.A., De Souza, A.I., Bagul, A., MacPhee, I.A., Kessaris, N., Morsy, M.A., 2014. HSP70, Peroxiredoxin-3 and -6 are upregulated during renal warm ischaemia in a donation after circulatory death model. J Proteomics. 108 pp. 133-45. 

Karunanithy, N., Uwechue, R., Calder, F., Mamode, N., Mailli, L., Chandak, P., Morsy, M., Fronek, J., Makanjuola, D., Roebuck, D., Kessaris, N., 2014. Endovascular Repair of Late Onset Anastomosis Site Pseudoaneurysms Complicating Renal Transplantation. J Vasc Med Surg. 2(4). 

Couzi, L., Manook, M., Perera, R., Shaw, O., Ahmed, Z., Kessaris, N., Dorling, D., Mamode, N., 2015. Difference in Outcomes after Antibody Mediated Rejection between ABO-Incompatible and Positive Crossmatch Transplantations. Transplant International. 28(10) pp. 1205-15.

Published chapters: 

Kessaris, N., Papalois, V., Canelo, R., Hakim, N., 2010 Live Kidney Transplantation In: V. Papalois, R. Canelo, N. Hakim. Ed. 2010. Living Related Transplantation, World Scientific. London: Imperial College Press. pp39-63. 

Kessaris,N., Mamode. N.,2012. Antibody incompatible kidney transplantation. In: I. MacPhee and J. Fronek Ed. 2012, Handbook of Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation, New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell. pp271-285. 

Fronek, J., Kessaris, N., 2012. Live Donor Nephrectomy In: I. MacPhee and J. Fronek Ed 2012. Handbook of Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation, New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell. pp109-140. 

Fronek, J., Kessaris, N., 2012. Live Donor Nephrectomy In: I. MacPhee and J. Fronek Ed 2012. Handbook of Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation, New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell. pp173-190. 

Kessaris, N., Hakim, N.S., 2012. Renal Transplantation In: N.S.Hakim Ed. 2012. Introduction to Organ Transplantation, 2nd Edition, London: Imperial College Press. pp83-110. 

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