Why choose us

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a globally renowned children’s hospital, championing innovation across more than 60 clinical specialties and providing ground-breaking treatments for the rarest and most complex conditions.

Located in the heart of London, GOSH is a British institution with royal patronage and over 160 years of history.

As a pioneer of cutting-edge and innovative medical technology, GOSH works at the forefront of the field to continuously deliver the medicine of the future.

As well as world-class clinical treatment and care, we also have a commitment to delivering a nurturing and family-centered experience.

Our expert teams of over 300 world-leading consultants deliver 360-degree, multi-specialty care with the child at the centre. As champions of the highest calibre of paediatric care, our teams are dedicated to quality, integrity and safety.

We are part of Europe’s largest academic centre for research and education in children’s health and disease. We are committed to achieving the best possible results by consistently measuring outcomes and value against the highest international standards, and our collaborative approach to international partnerships mean we are dedicated to sharing best practice in a transparent and empowering way.

Our world-leading expertise includes:

  • One of the largest heart transplant centres for children in the world and the largest paediatric cardiac programme in the UK
  • The leading centre in the world for gene therapy in children
  • One of the three largest centres for children with cancer/ leukaemia in the western world and the largest in Europe
  • One of the two largest centres in Europe for paediatric bone marrow transplantation (BMT)
  • The largest epilepsy surgery centre in Europe and the largest centre for paediatric brain surgery in the UK
  • The leading centre in Europe for the management of conjoined twins
  • The largest paediatric centre for Interventional Radiology in Europe
  • The largest paediatric centre in the UK for intensive care
  • The largest paediatric centre in the UK for craniofacial reconstruction
  • The largest paediatric centre in the UK for renal transplantation

Over 60 Clinical specialities
GOSH has 18 highly specialised national services. We are the largest paediatric centre in the country for children's heart problems, brain surgery, renal transplantation, intensive care, craniofacial reconstruction and gene therapy.

98% Patient satisfaction rate
Our International and Private Care directorate has the highest patient satisfaction of any private unit within an NHS hospital in the UK.

Number 1 Children's hospital for citation impact
Between 2010-2014, GOSH and UCL GOS Institute of Child Health research papers had the highest citation impact of any of the top children’s hospitals in the world, as reported by Thomson Reuters.
There are no words to explain how I feel and how much I appreciate everything. This is my hospital; I feel at home here. I love this hospital.
Abdullaziz al Shukry – father of Abdullah
The whole experience has been amazing. We were very calm because we knew she was in safe hands. It’s exactly what you want when you have a sick child that needs to be taken good care of.
Raed Amro – father of Carmen
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