World Art Day: Ramadan DIY Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

It's World Art Day, and at GOSH we invite you to make some Ramadan DIY paper lanterns with us. 

Get ready to be creative, get messy, and most importantly have fun! 

Items needed: coloured card paper, scissors, sticky tape (or a stapler with adult assistance)


    1. Place the paper horizontally and cut a straight line through the left side, to make a square shape paper. Save the cut-off piece of paper for later.
    2. Fold the paper into half.
    3. Cut through the folded paper to make some incisions (without cutting through the whole way).
    4. Wrap the cardboard to make an oval shape/lantern. Stick or staple the sides.
    5. Use the cut-off piece of paper from earlier to make the handle. Stick/staple at the top. 
    6. Decorate your lantern
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