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Telehealth services

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Our telehealth service at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) facilitates two-way, real-time interaction between our clinical experts and patients, families and other healthcare professionals around the world. Integrated technology allows our world-leading clinicians to provide a range of services including second opinions, clinics, multi-disciplinary team (MDT) reviews, training sessions, diagnostic and treatment planning support.

Our Telehealth service is fully integrated into our patient’s electronic health record, so consultations and MDT are captured and preserved in an integrated way. Our service gives you access to world leading experts in over 60 paediatric specialities from the comfort of your own home. 

The mission of our telehealth service is to:

  • Ensure world-leading healthcare is accessible to children around the world
  • Encourage the sharing of expertise among healthcare professionals, so that children worldwide can benefit from the latest developments in paediatric healthcare
  • Reduce the need for overseas travel, benefiting families and the environment

Telehealth at GOSH

We offer a wide range of telehealth services to meet your individual needs, including:

Clinic Appointments:

We are now offering some consultations virtually. This means that you will only have to travel to see us when there is clinical need - this will help protect your family and our staff.

Please be aware that virtual appointments are not always possible as your child may need to visit us for testing or treatment. It is important to continue to travel to hospital for appointments based on your consultant’s recommendation.  

Second opinion consultation:

Our second opinion consultation gives your family and clinicians access to world-leading GOSH specialists without having to travel. A GOSH consultant will review your child’s medical records and provide a detailed report for your local consultant. The consultant is also available to discuss the patient’s case and subsequent report via video conference with your family and your local consultant.

Regular clinic slots and MDT case discussions:

Our consultants are available to attend weekly, bi-weekly or monthly 2-hour slots to review, discuss diagnosis and treatment options. MDT case discussions are also available with a team of GOSH experts from a range of relevant specialities. These formal discussions will allow both teams to benefit from mutual knowledge sharing.

Grand Round support:

Our expert MDT team can join your child’s Grand Round discussion, if broadcast through video conferencing technology.


GOSH telehealth technology includes encryption to ensure data protection and that all medical reports and patient records shared are securely protected. Our videoconferencing systems include Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Microsoft Teams and Cisco, and all are certified and validated.

Our clinic appointments are now hosted through our MyGOSH portal, which is directly linked to our electronic patient record system. MyGOSH is a safe and secure online portal that enables children, young people and families to have access to specific parts of the electronic patient record. For more information on MyGOSH and how to sign up please visit this page.

We will provide support during the transition process of installation and we encourage test runs half an hour before the agreed telehealth time slot. GOSH has a multi-disciplinary team to support telehealth delivery that includes clinical, administrative and Information Technology departments.

Interpreting support

We are able to provide interpreting support for our families. Our in-house Arabic Interpreting Team provides an Arabic interpretation and translation service to help you and your child’s clinical team communicate effectively.

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