Alice’s story 

Alice with other members of the admin team
Alice with other members of the admin team

Alice Wilkinson is the Inpatient Bookings Manager within the Booking Team for the International and Private Patients Division (IPP). Here she talks about her role and what she enjoys most about working at GOSH.  

“Part of my role is to process the bed booking forms that are needed to book a patient in for their treatment or surgery. This information is used by many different teams, such as Finance to get a letter of guarantee, or for a pre-admission meeting so that the clinical team can track the treatment and prescribe or order anything that is needed.   

“It may not seem important, but the work the team and I do ‘behind the scenes’ is an important step in a patient’s route to care, and vital to get the correct treatment at the right time.   

“My favourite part of the job would be learning new things such as medical terminology and understanding patient’s pathways. The team I work with is great, they are always able to help whether that’s by offering advice in difficult situations or helping out when times are busy.” 


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