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Tracheal Service

A GOSH baby's feet
A GOSH baby's feet


The National Centre for tracheal services at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) comprises a group of leading health professionals who have been brought together to provide a range of expertise. The team includes specialists in ear, nose and throat (ENT), interventional radiology, intensive care, cardiothoracic surgery and physiotherapy.

Since it was formed in 2000, the tracheal service has become one of the largest and most successful services in Europe and a world leader in the field.In 2006, the Tracheal Service received national recognition as the sole centre for the management of complex tracheal problems. 

We treat children with a range of conditions including tracheal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the trachea or windpipe. It can be congenital - either long or short segment narrowing - or acquired through trauma or infection. Tracheal stenosis can also result from external compression, and can be associated with inherent weakness of its wall, called tracheomalacia.

The surgical technique the team use to treat tracheal stenosis is called slide tracheoplasty which involves making cuts into the narrowed part of the trachea, which can sometimes be only a few millimetres wide, and sliding the two sections over each other until the part of the trachea that is normal width is reached. The GOSH team have the world’s largest experience of this type of surgery.


  • We have produced the best outcomes internationally, with the lowest death rates for this serious condition, and our follow up, which extends to 288 months is also the longest available to judge the outcome of this treatment. 

  • Between 1995 and the end of 2017, we performed a total of 154 slide tracheoplasties with an overall survival of 88 per cent. There has been an increasing number of slide tracheoplasties and a significant improvement in survival over time despite increasing patient complexity. 


Conditions we treat

  • Tracheal stenosis (narrowing of the windpipe)
  • Tracheo/bronchomalacia (floppy, weak, soft airway)
  • Tracheal compression
  • Post FETO complications 
  • Diseases involving the airways: 
    • Bronchogenic cysts 
    • Tumours 
    • Laryngeal clefts 
    • Tracheo-oesphageal fistulae 

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